You never got frustrated, and I could tell you actually cared about how I was doing
— Philip Sharp

pERSONAL YOGA Build a Happier Body

55 min 80€ • 10x55 min 650€

Yoga is about movement. Movement is LIFE. As you progress in your yoga practice, you will soon realise that most of your pains and anxieties are due to a lack of “space” in your body. The Happy Body personal yoga is about giving you that space back. Guiding you, and only you, in a private environment. This means we will go at your pace. So long as we go forward, i dont care what speed were going at. It also means we can stop, explore a movement, ask questions, take a rest, crack a joke :) and then resume practice.

  • For beginners

  • In or out-door

  • Fun :)

  • At your rythm

  • Private environment

  • Yoga flow

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