The happy body philosophy

The Happy Body strives to help you in your quest for a happier body. It does so by focusing its activities around 4 main pillars. 

Proper posture

As every engineer will tell you, structure governs function. The same goes for your body. Optimise your structure and you'll optimise the way your body works.

- Postural massage

- Cranio sacral massage

Proper movement

Your body is meant to move, to be strong and flexible. Not to train one muscle at a time, on a machine in an overcrowded dark gym. Let's go to the park.

- Personal coaching

- Classes

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition theory is easy , too easy. it fits in 5 sentences. 

- Nutrition blog

Proper relaxation

Probably the most important, but also the less respected. We think of our bodies as machines  at our service. But it doesn't work that way. It's an exchange. Our body will perform if we treat it well, and with respect. As we would any partner.

-Relaxation massage