The Happy Body swedish massage

Stephan combines a strength in precise gestures and incredible sweetness.

  • Neck tensions

  • Reduced migraines 

  • Improved sleep

  • Muscular strain

  • improving circulation

  • Lower back pain

Eliminate pain

The Happy Body Swedish Massage is about reducing mechanical pains in your body.

Its about reducing all the tensions, in the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Its about freeing your hands and feet from your daily tensions.  You will feel space in your body.

The Happy Body Swedish Massage helps provide you with the mobility to deal with your everyday stresses and worries.

Its your first step towards health.

swedish massage in Brussels

 Hands massage is simply magical

Hands massage is simply magical


You lie on your back on a soft, comfortable table. It is a gentle englobing massage, the sensations consist mostly of warm, comforting, strong pressures, but are not painful

Once i start, my hands almost never leave your body for the duration of the massage, it is one long stroke. I will start with the back and then slowly move around to your arms, hands, legs and feet, passing by the back every time i can.This is a very pleasant. 

Most people find a swedish massage extremely relaxing as it promotes healing through a greater sense of space. 

I immediately began making steady and clear process towards reduced back pain, better mobility and reduced fluid retention in my leg

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