A true gem in Brussels..
— Kerttu Lumera
A sublime massage
— Felicity Jagger
I feel relaxed and can sleep very well, ‘like a baby’.
— Anna Sanchez

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In the heart of the European quarter, two minutes from Schuman, come and enjoy a well deserved relaxation massage

RELAXATION MASSAGE Eliminates Tensions - Oil

30 min 45€ • 45 min 65€ • 60 min 80€

The relaxation massage will help you to get rid of stress and fatigue. It is also based on classic massage techniques but has a much softer touch than the deep tissue massage. It will still reduce muscular tension by improving the blood flow and activating the lymph system. A relaxation massage is something to enjoy, getting lost in the moment, freeing your mind and relax. If you want to, the perfect addition to a relaxation Massage is a short Facial or a foot massage.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Deeper, stronger - Oil

30 min 45€ • 45 min 65€ • 60 min 80€

Deep Tissue Massages are specifically designed for clients with strong muscular tensions and pain relief. Based on classique massage techniques and using friction and triggerpoint massage grips, these tensions can be reduced or even completely vanish after some treatments. Of course, these massages will also reduce stress levels.

HOLISTIC MASSAGE Eliminates stress - No Oil

30 min 45€ • 45 min 65€ • 60 min 80€

Everyday you are under the constant assault of stress. You need a moment to yourself. The Holistic Massage is that moment. Bringing your body to a meditative, healing state, where you will feel great calmness inside. From calm comes strength. This oil-less massage, is the perfect blend between Cranio sacral touch, reflexology and facial massage.

THE MEDITATION MASSAGE Assisted meditation - No Oil

30 min 45€ • 45 min 65€ • 60 min 80€

The meditation massage is a very gentle form of bodywork. The goal is to reset the nervous system into its "parasympathetic " expression: The healing mode. Comes with all the benefits of meditation.

The Happy Body.jpg
The Happy Body.jpg