The Happy Body Holistic massage

In a state of deep relaxation and quiet, the practitioner can tap into the body’s own innate abilities to heal itself

  • Feel calm again

  • brings you to YOUR healing state

  • Improves sleep

  • Meditative

  • No oil

  • You can stay dressed

Eliminate stress

Everyday you are under the constant assault of stress. You can feel it and it eats at you. You need a moment to let it all out, a moment to ONLY yourself. Just you. 

The Happy Body Holistic Massage is that moment.

 Bringing your body to a meditative, healing state, where you will feel great calmness inside. From calm comes strength.

Its your first step towards happiness.

holistic massage in brussels - schuman

holistic massage in brussels - schuman


You are clothed during the treatment and lie on your back on a soft, comfortable table. It is a gentle non-invasive therapy, the sensations consist mostly of warm, comforting, light pressures.

I will start with 20 min of a facial, skull and shoulders massage focusing on the very slow cranio-sacral rhythm. I will then focus on your abdominal region and very gently move things around to free them. This is very pleasant. I then go to the legs and feet and use some reflexology techniques.

Most people find a Holistic massage extremely relaxing as it promotes the parasympathetic nervous system, the healing state. 

I feel relaxed and can now sleep very well, ‘like a baby’.

The Happy Body.jpg
The Happy Body.jpg