Le toucher qui guérit

Le toucher qui guérit

Le toucher: il guérit, il calme le coeur, il estompe la douleur, il chasse les peurs, certains diront même qu’il guérit l’âme. Bel article sur la recherche scientifique du toucher.

Elisabeth Kusters

I felt relaxed after the session and had a good night rest

Jonathan Osborne

Stephan is very good at sorting out your problems. Highly recommended.

Marco Gianessi

Stephan really helped me with his massages

agnieszka Terry

Very nice atmosphere and a fantastic massage!

Anna ramstedt

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Joanna Lesczuk

I keep coming back because it really helps my back

Marko Maki Kala

Had lots of problems that many specialists have not been able to fix...

Anna sanchez

I feel relaxed and can sleep very well, 'like a baby'.

Heike Gras

I can only recommend the relaxing massages which are absolutely great for body and mind.